Network Security

As business becomes less centralised and technology evolves, your business’ network is more at risk than ever before. Pentech can provide solutions for both cloud and application based approaches, and assess your current network to make sure your data is safe.

Network Security

Cloud Based Security Solutions

  • Safe and fast Internet access for any user, from any
    device, anywhere.
  • Pentech is an authorised re-seller of Zscaler, a global
    Internet security platform used by 5000+ enterprises,
    government and military organisations.
  • All Internet bound traffic is directed through a globally
    available infrastructure. This is done without the cost
    and inconvenience of deploying hardware in the offices
    or software on your PCs.

Appliance Based Security Solutions

  • We will sit with you and complete a risk assessment,
    requirements analysis and gap analysis before making
    recommendations using both hardware and software,
    which work together to increase the overall security of
    your network.
  • Whether you want to implement new technology or re-
    design an existing network configuration, our
    consultants will save your organisation time and money
    by ensuring it is done right the first time.