About Pentech

Pentech is a specialised provider of information and communications technology. We bring fast, reliable and secure IP communications to organisations of all sizes throughout New Zealand.

Established in 2007, Pentech’s point of difference has always been that we put people and relationships at the heart of everything that we do. Today – just as then – we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand your needs, and putting those needs ahead of the information and communications technology we provide. And that’s a difference that has seen a large number of our clients stick with us for many years.


Our Values

Every culture, every business, and every organisation lives by and is guided by a set of values. Like many New Zealand organisations we are influenced by the Maori culture of Aotearoa New Zealand and as we craft and deliver smart business solutions we do so following our interpretation of the core Maori values:

Rangatiratanga - Leadership
We will provide strong and honest leadership that is focused on delivering outcomes that are in the best interest of everyone.
Manaakitanga - Support
We will provide support and assistance wherever and whenever it is required.
Kotahitanga - Togetherness
We will listen and work towards achieving identified goals and desired outcomes.
Kaitiakitanga - Guardianship
We will take and use the lessons of the past to help build new and exciting solutions that support the needs of the future.
Aroha - Respectfulness
We will respect each other, we will trust each other and accept that there are many valid pathways to achieving our goal.
Whanaungatanga - Relationships
We will share the workload so that we can build strong and lasting relationships.

Our People

Ty Kahu
Managing Director
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Haydn Price
Sales Director
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