Network Design Principles

Tiered Network – Pentech’s network design methodology uses the industry standard tiered network model to ensure we provide you with a robust and high-performance communications network.

Tiered Network within SMB – When designing for a smaller organisation, Pentech understands the tiered model may not be cost effective and as such, we utilise the concept of a ‘collapsed backbone’. The focus of this approach is to provide a consistent network that is both easy to manage and monitor.

For more information, please view the Pentech Tiered Network White Paper

Design and Implementation Roadmap

At Pentech, we have developed a robust design and implementation process that ensures from the initial consultation to deployment that you have visibility throughout. Our roadmap to deployment is structured into project phases that have clearly defined outcomes.

Each major project phase, or building block, within the process is readily configurable to meet your business needs along with being able to be scheduled within a timeframe that best fits your organisations objectives.

For more information, please view the Pentech Roadmap White Paper

What does Cloud mean to Enterprise Security?

The world of enterprise security has been undergoing a complete transformation as a result of rapid and sweeping changes that are remaking the way companies do business. New technologies and trends are changing the very definition of an enterprise, how and where we work, and the tools we use to do our jobs.

The Everywhere Enterprise is not some future vision, it’s today’s reality for thousands of enterprises with operations that span the globe. The technology trends include Mobility, Cloud Applications and Social Media.

For more information, please view the Zscaler white paper What does the Cloud mean to Enterprise Security?

Mobile Application Security

Mobile devices, and the advantages they offer, have changed the way we do business and even live. However, smartphones and tablets are wrought with a new class of security threats and attack vectors.

Security industry offerings that tried to graft existing PC era security technology onto mobile devices as well as mobile device management (MDM) solutions have proven inadequate to properly secure mobile devices and the networks they are accessing.

This Zscaler white paper discusses the challenges surrounding mobile application security, the shortcomings of traditional solutions and details the 4 necessary attributes for a robust mobile security solution.

To view the Zscaler Mobile Application Security white paper, click here

Glossary of Networking Terms

The glossary of networking terms includes definitions for commonly used words and acronyms. To view, click here