Unified Communications

A robust, appropriately configured network infrastructure allows you to transmit all of your voice, data and video traffic, end-to-end over your network, in a controlled, consistent manner, with mechanisms in place to ensure its timely delivery.  This last point is crucial for the delivery of a quality voice and video solution as these applications are acutely time sensitive.

Pentech works with you to look at your overall structure to make sure that the building blocks are all in place and assembled correctly to allow the higher level applications to work seamlessly.

Utilising IP-telephony with integrated Unified Messaging, mobility and desktop video provides organisations meaningful business benefits and maximises ‘Return on Investment’ and offers great ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ value.

IP telephony and video: increase productivity, reduce costs

IP telephony and IP video are changing the face of business communications. IP telephony can reduce voice communication costs, and offer exciting new features that go far beyond the traditional telephone’s capabilities. IP video has many uses, from videoconferencing to e-learning, CCTV to broadcasting. We can help your organisation make the most of these new technologies to increase productivity and, reduce the cost of communications, especially when incorporated with the appropriate changes to your Teleco service provider.

Presence technology: work smarter and faster

Presence technology is revolutionising business communications, by allowing users to connect with the right person, at the right time, on the right platform. For the increasingly mobile business, presence technology allows you to work smarter and faster, by providing real time information about employees, and how best to reach them, whether in the office or on the road.

Audio/Video/Web Conferencing

Enabling participants (singularly or as a group) from different locations to communicate effectively at the same time, sharing their ideas, disseminating information or instructions, ensuring all parties are aware of the topic and content of the meeting in a clear and consistent manner is a hugely beneficial process.

Whether this process takes place via Audio or Video or remotely via the Web is a business decision. How it gets designed and implemented plays a crucial part in the success of the project and is a key factor on achieving the expected ROI.

Pentech consultants can work with you to help you clarify your business requirements and translate them into a cost effective solution for deployment.


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