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We have developed a methodology and toolset that enables our people to look into your voice, data and mobile networks and compare what's actually out there with what your service provider is billing you. We turn the seemingly unfathomable masses of data into business intelligence that lets you take control of your telecommunications bill and make decisions based on known quantities.

We call the tool BIZview and we've used it to save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and give them insight into their network that they've never seen before. Amongst other things, BIZview will identify billing inaccuracies, show where your telecommunications spend is going, provide trending information and identify opportunities to rationalise services. For more information on BIZview please call us or email

We offer protection at the boundaries of your organisation by: keeping out hackers with firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS); establishing border-level security via user authentication; and firewalls that determine what services can be accessed by users. IPS also helps detect malware such as computer worms or Trojans. Our device security services aim to ensure that only devices with the right credentials can access your network.

Our VPN - Virtual Private Network solutions secure and protect your data in transit across public networks via encryption and authentication technologies. They also allow your organisation to securely connect offices and remote users. Access rights can be tailored to individuals within your organisation.

Today's modern businesses are less centralised and have more employees who rely on an increasingly diverse range of fixed and mobile communications. We offer Unified Communications that facilitate this on-the-go style of business communications and tailor make solutions for individual departments, and even the individual employees within them. UC is a combination of real-time communication services (instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing etc) with non-real-time services such as SMS, email and fax. Your staff can receive a message via one medium, for example voicemail, and access it via email or mobile phone -  fully optimising your business processes, speeding up response time, enhancing one-to-one communications and managing flow. We have seamlessly and intelligently integrated the business communications of major NZ and international organisations using a variety of solutions.

Routing and Switching is the underlying fabric that provides the foundation for your electronic business communications (computer, video, telephony, online communications etc). IP Networks comprise of routers, switches and various other smart components that provide an end-to-end pathway for business communications.

We use our experience in designing, configuring and operating IP Networks to ensure reliable, timely and consistent delivery of business communications. We understand not only the technical complexities involved in these networks, but the human nature inside your organisation. Often, for example, IP networks are 'unseen' or taken for granted, problems only being noticed when it's too late. We think smart to reduce these risks and keep critical systems running.

Mobile equipment that performs the same function as an office-bound PC is an invaluable business asset for employees on the road. We can help your business integrate and execute a mobile strategy that increases revenues, reduces costs, maintains a competitive edge, achieves results, streamlines the day-to-day activities of your staff and delivers for your customers.

IPv6, like IPv4, is an Internet layer protocol that defines how data is sent from one computer to another over packet-switched networks such as the Internet. As the supply of IPv4 addresses diminishes, the introduction of the new version IPv6 - which uses a 128-bit address rather than the 32 bits of IPv4 making 340 billion billion billion billion addresses available - is gathering pace. We can help your organisation stay one step ahead of the transition by designing a plan that will minimise risk by making sure that you can communicate effectively with partners and customers who adopt IPv6. Our plan will also take into account the introduction of new mobile devices that will be designed to use IPv6.

Wireless LAN networking - or WiFi as it is widely known - has had a fairly dubious reputation in terms of business communications due to its 'hackability'. Managed correctly, however, with the right security in place, WiFi can reduce your organisation's future cabling costs, increase productivity through flexibility and ease of Moves, Adds and Changes and add significant value to your company. An end-to-end network solution, we start with a site survey, followed by design, implementation and support of a secure wireless infrastructure.

Routing and Switching is our speciality - and the backbone of a solid IP network that is often ignored or overlooked until there's a problem. As new IP-based applications are introduced, the efficiency of your Routing and Switching infrastructure becomes ever more important. We ensure that your network performs to its very best, allowing continuous delivery of your electronic business communications.

We can provide WAN Acceleration to improve your business communications and lower operating costs. Applications - or business communications - often fail to perform to their best because of network congestion or limited 'bandwidth'. Bandwidth is often leased at a high price from telecommunications service providers making it advantageous to use WAN Acceleration to reduce your need for leased bandwidth. It also improves productivity and provides an alternative to distributed server computing.

We can lighten the load via one, all or a combination of the following options:

  • To optimise the running of your ICT infrastructure - both networks and servers -
    we can add intelligence to your network
  • We can programme your network to offload work from your servers to reduce
    their load, thereby extending their life
  • Your network traffic can be directed to a cluster of services to manage
    the load and provide additional scalability
  • Maximising your ROI for leased services, we can spread your network
    traffic over multiple leased lines

IP Telephony means the end of the telephone as a device hanging off a copper loop from a PBX, and the beginning of the handset - desk phone or soft phone - as another computer device on a fixed or mobile network. We have helped many organisations reduce costs by fully integrating their telephony into other IP applications - for example, you can receive voice mail as email (see Unified Communications) or you can use your IP phone to lookup your corporate directory or other corporate information. The unification of all of these communication devices onto one platform provides mobility, presence and contact capabilities that extend far beyond the basic telephone.

IP Video is similar to IP Telephony but instead we transport video over your IP network, whether it's CCTV, broadcast video, e-learning, video conference (multi-party or one-on-one) or telepresence. Telepresence is a high-end video conferencing system that uses super high-definition video to 'transport' a person to a live real-world location other than their true location. Your travel spend is reduced - as is your carbon footprint and environmental impact of travel. There are potential cost savings on telecommunications and the time benefits improve your employee's work/life balance and productivity. We can also integrate IP Video into Unified Communications to enrich and maximise the scope of the interaction. The exchange is completed by the fact that it is not simply a verbal exchange, but also one where each individual can see the other, their reactions and their body language, improving both comprehension and understanding.

Presence is another key component of Unified Communications. We can integrate Presence with telephony, video, calendar, web collaboration and instant messaging providing real-time status information for people locating others via, for example, an interactive directory, helping them to decide the best communication method at that moment in time. Presence can also help your staff find other colleagues with specific skills or capabilities quickly and efficiently to result in superior client service.

Course Overview:

This Foundation Network course will provide a detailed introduction to communication networks - how they are built, how they operate, and the important role they play in transporting business communications.

You will learn about the components of today's computer networks and technologies. You will also become familiar with commonly used network terminology and the role of the products, such as Routers and Switches, which 'glue' your network together.  Download Brochure

Who is the Trainer?

Jan Schoenfelder is Pentech Communications most experienced trainer with 25 years in the IT industry, and more than 10 years of teaching experience in the IBM Technology Training Centre in Germany. Jan has taught networking courses of all levels from beginners right up to network troubleshooting and covered major network technologies used in the past 20 years such - Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay, X25, ISDN, TCP/IP, SNA and a lot more

Course Duration: 3 days

Course price per attendee: $1,850.00 excl. GST

(Discounts are available for multiple attendees and we are able to customise this course to meet your specific organisational requirements)

Course Venue:

Pentech Communications Ltd.
Level 1, 190 Taranaki Street
New Zealand

For questions regarding course content and schedules, contact:

Email: - Telephone (021) 320 689

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