Consultancy Services

We work with you to understand your business, the challenges facing your organisation, and the business initiatives you have identified to address these. From initial engagement through to completion, the Pentech team will provide the same high quality of service in every interaction.

The recommendations you will receive will be the best fit for you, as Pentech is both vendor and Telco independent.  This means no pre-supposed solutions!

Whether you have a set of requirements and need guidance on the right technologies to deliver results, or have an IT team with knowledge of the technologies required and need help in implementing them, our network consultants will assist you along the way.

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Enterprise Services

For your organisation to succeed, a robust and high-performance communications network, tailored to your needs, is a must. This makes it critically important to find a provider with top-level expertise. But it’s also essential that you get the personal attention and support you need.

That’s where Pentech can provide something other ICT service providers can’t – enterprise-level expertise, without enterprise-level costs and overheads.  Our background is in delivering large-scale IP network solutions for corporate and government clients. And because we’re a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to providing a nimble, customer focused service, you’ll enjoy unrivaled responsiveness and service as our client.

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Stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business world, by putting the latest communication technology to work for your organisation. Our team of networking professionals are skilled in the design, implementation, management and support of high-performance communication networks.

Utilising advanced communication technology, we can help your organisation increase productivity and reduce communication costs.

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Network Security

An increasing trend towards the less centralised business, plus a growing reliance on mobile devices and remote access; means your network is more at risk than ever.

In addition, your wired and wireless devices have the potential to open up entry points into your network and its data. And then you have the cybercriminals who seem to constantly use new and varying techniques that are often automated, which further increase your exposure.

Protecting your data is important, but protecting your customer’s data, reduces your risk of legal action from data theft. But, shrinking budgets and the difficulty finding people with just the right type of skills, simply adds to your challenges.

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We know business telecommunications and networking can be complex subjects. So let’s keep things simple. Your business needs data, voice and video communications to connect you with the world. You want those communications to be fast, reliable and secure. You want a provider who treats you like a valued customer. And you want the certainty of knowing exactly how much you’ll be billed each month.

Customised to suit your business, SmartComms is a fast, secure and cost-effective replacement for your traditional business phone system and computer network. It’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with one or more sites, and up to 20 users at each location.

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Unified Communications

A robust, appropriately configured network infrastructure allows you to transmit all of your voice, data and video traffic, end-to-end over your network, in a controlled, consistent manner, with mechanisms in place to ensure its timely delivery.  This last point is crucial for the delivery of a quality voice and video solution as these applications are acutely time sensitive.

Pentech works with you to look at your overall structure to make sure that the building blocks are all in place and assembled correctly to allow the higher level applications to work seamlessly.

Utilising IP-telephony with integrated Unified Messaging, mobility and desktop video provides organisations meaningful business benefits and maximises ‘Return on Investment’ and offers great ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ value.

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