Network Security: protecting what you value most

What are the security threats?

Advanced threats such as Botnets, Phishing and Life jacking, continue to evolve while enterprise networks grow increasingly complex.

Attacks are broader, deeper and more sophisticated than ever before!

The requirement for mobility is growing exponentially.

Android, iPads, iPhones, and tablets are among the browser-equipped devices which are now accessing the Internet. Employees often bring these devices to work and want to access corporate data and the Internet through wireless networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular networks. Applications used can include those required to access social media sites, but also corporate applications such as email.

In addition, your wired and wireless devices have the potential to open up entry points into your network and its data. And then you have the cybercriminals who seem to constantly use new and varying techniques that are often automated, which further increase your exposure.

Protecting your data is important, but protecting your customer’s data, reduces your risk of legal action from data theft. But, shrinking budgets and the difficulty finding people with just the right type of skills, simply adds to your challenges.

What’s the best approach – Cloud or appliances?

The challenges with an appliance based security approach is that they are expensive to purchase and operate, their complexity introduces security gaps, and they tend to slow internet performance, plus are often bypassed by mobile devices.

There is also a shift from appliances to cloud security in the “enterprise”, and BYOD and mobile applications appear to have driven this shift.

However, Pentech have services and solutions to address both approaches.


Enterprise ‘Security as a Service’ from Pentech:

Cloud based – providing safe, fast Internet access for any user, from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Leveraging the continuing success that Zscaler is having, Pentech is now an Authorised Reseller of this global carrier-grade Internet security platform used by more than 5,000 enterprises, governments and military organisations.

Secure, compliant, policy based Internet access on any device, from anywhere.

Direct all internet bound traffic through an infrastructure that is globally available and provides the same policy and protection to an employee whether they are at work on their desktop, at home on their laptop or at an airport on their IPad. And this is possible without deploying any hardware in your offices or software on your pc’s and without backhauling traffic to your headquarters.

Our Security as a Service can protect against advanced security threats, enforce policy for social media (and cloud applications) and prevent data loss without compromising user experience from any and all locations and devices.

Protect your users as they leverage the internet for productivity gains

  • Future proof the use of the internet as employees bring their own device (BYOD) into the corporate network
  • To leverage the cloud infrastructure to reduce your backhaul network costs
  • Reduce the cost and management overhead associated with the hardware and software infrastructure of appliance based security.

How does our Security as a Service work?

Your outbound internet traffic, web, mobile or email, is directed to the nearest data centre at near zero latency.

Policies you have defined are applied instantly using the most sophisticated multi-tenant technology irrespective of where your employees are accessing the internet.

All traffic is inspected for sophisticated threats and advanced malware. We stop the threats in the cloud before they get to your network. Through the patented technology, we capture all of the transaction logs securely and make consolidated reporting of all users available within seconds.


  • Instant visibility for anyone, anywhere at anytime
  • Elasticity to align with changing business requirements
  • Cost efficiencies by reducing capex and opex whilst reducing network costs by eliminating backhaul (sending all of your traffic back to headquarters to be inspected before going to the Internet)
  • Fast consumer like experience for your employees
  • Lower TCO and a higher ROI than an appliance based approach to security

Watch this space for an upcoming “Zscaler security preview tool” which will provide you with an instant risk assessment to see how effectively you are stopping threats, protecting your users and safeguarding your Company’s intellectual property. You will also get recommendations for closing any gaps.


Appliance based security solutions from Pentech:

Pentech’s network security consultants leverage decades of experience to help you achieve a secure and efficient network.

Risk Assessment:

As your network security consulting partner, we will undertake an accurate risk assessment for your business and prepare an action plan to address vulnerabilities. The areas covered in this risk assessment will form the basis of a “baseline”.

Requirements Analysis:

This is where we sit down with you and your stakeholders to discuss your requirements in detail and your desired result.

Gap Analysis:

Pentech looks at the technologies involved and whether they are effective in securing your network by comparing these to security best practices.


The outputs of the Gap Analysis supports recommendations to be made covering the layers of protection required including hardware and software, which work together to increase the overall security of your network.

Components may include:

  • High Level Security design
  • Virus Protection ie Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall design, to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) design, to provide secure remote access
  • DMZ design
  • Active Directory aware firewall policies
  • Authentication (801.1x), Authorisation, Accounting

Whether you want to implement new technology, or redesign an existing network configuration, our consultants will save your organisation time and money by ensuring it’s done right-the first time.

With network security in place, your organisation will experience a variety of business benefits such as productive employees and happy clients.

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