At Pentech, we’ve developed a reliable process for designing, implementing and managing smarter communications networks.

Independent network analysis

You can count on us to provide independent advice on your existing network. Our experienced network consultants can analyse your network and pinpoint issues that need to be addressed. And with no ties to any technology providers, you can be sure the solution we propose will be the very best solution to suit your needs.

So if you’re experiencing problems with your existing network, or you want to switch providers, speak to one of our network consultants today.

Smarter network design

Smarter network design starts with understanding your needs. By taking time to fully understand your organisational vision and objectives, as well as the challenges with your current solution, we can design a network that does exactly what you need it to.

With enterprise-level experience, our network consultants know how to design networks that meet the demands of today’s businesses. Our networks are faster, more reliable and more secure than ever before, allowing your business to function smoothly and more efficiently.

Precise network implementation

From the smallest office network to the largest corporate installations, our network engineers work with the same precision. We’ll ensure your network is fully integrated with the existing technology and systems within your business. And we’ll thoroughly test the installation to ensure minimal disruption to your business activities.

Giving end users the chance to test and sign off the installation ensures it fully meets your needs. Plus we can provide full training for your staff to ensure a seamless transition to your upgraded network.

Reliable network management & support

With a customised network management solution in place, you can maximise the performance and reliability of your network, within your budget. Monitoring services, preventative maintenance and scheduled upgrades will allow your business to run smoothly, both now and in the future. And of course you can count on us anytime to fix network problems as and when they occur – just call our support team on 0800 PENTECH.

Intelligent network optimisation

Get more out of your existing network with our network optimisation services. We can provide advice on targeted, cost-effective ways to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing network. Eliminating security issues, optimising design and replacing specific network elements will allow you to maximise your operating budget and delay more costly upgrades.


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