Enterprise-level ICT services, without the enterprise delivery overheads

For your organisation to succeed, a robust and high-performance communications network, tailored to your needs, is a must. This makes it critically important to find a provider with top-level expertise. But it’s also essential that you get the personal attention and support you need.

That’s where Pentech can provide something other ICT service providers can’t – enterprise-level expertise, without enterprise-level costs and overheads.  Our background is in delivering large-scale IP network solutions for corporate and government clients. And because we’re a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to providing a nimble, customer focused service, you’ll enjoy unrivaled responsiveness and service as our client.

We know the only way to deliver a solution that works for you is to fully understand your needs. That’s why relationships are at the heart of everything we do. By getting to know you and your organisation, we seek to understand your goals and vision, and business challenges with your existing infrastructure. That’s how we develop precisely tailored solutions that meet your unique business requirements.

With an intelligent communications network in place, your organisation can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, happier end users and customers, and reduced costs.

ICT services: network architecture, design, implementation, management and support

We design and implement smarter networks that can cope with the demands of today’s modern organisations. Cloud computing and mobility have revolutionised the way we do business, but are also putting more pressure on communications networks than ever before. Make sure you stay ahead of the game, with a network that delivers the performance, reliability, flexibility and security you need – both now and in the future.

Unified communications: breaking down communication barriers

Unified communications (UC) break down the barriers between communication methods, and integrate them into one seamless communication environment. With unified communications, your staff can communicate with each other seamlessly across multiple platforms in real-time, receive voicemail messages via email, switch from a fixed line call to mobile as they step outside the office, or instantly check which staff are available and how best to contact them. For the increasingly mobile business, UC is the way of the future.

To see more, please visit our Unified Communications page

Data Centre LAN: even distribution, centralised storage

Load Balancing – Pentech can create and configure load balancing solutions to suit your business. Instead of all traffic flowing through a single point, which could potentially create a bottle-neck, load balancing provides the ability to evenly distribute traffic across various connections.

Network Storage – It’s becoming more and more common, as the amount of data stored is increasing world-wide. It provides a business with capability of storing all data in a centralised location, giving all users the ability to view and access the data at the same time.

Network Storage also gives the option to back-up the data on a periodic basis, ensuring your business has additional copies of data critical to your operations.

Bottlenecks, delays and capacity issues can strike anywhere within your infrastructure.  Pentech will work with you to determine an appropriate solution that meet your business requirements.


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